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a bad day for fascism and the need to continue tackling the dying embers

So today was a big day for the right in the UK (supposedly) with the EDL holding their first ever demo in Norwhich to defend the right of a Homophobic Reverend Alan Clifford to distribute anti islam propaganda, and also the Infidels were in West Ham campaigning against ‘the mega mosque’ which they have been promoting as ‘a huge global change, massive news, international coverage’ and several other hugely exagerrated claims.

First flop of the day was Norwich where the EDL where massively outnumbered by opposition and police and quickly started explaining on facebook how most people had gone to support the infidels at the ‘mega-mosque,’ those with knowledge of the days events and of the two groups will be aware that this is laughable for a number of reasons, firstly that the infidels and EDL disagree on various things and see each other as rival groups, and never support each others demoes, mostly because they see Tommy Robinson as a ‘Zionist Irish Republican Coke Head Twat,’ and finally because today’s second flop was the ‘mega mosque’ demo where around 20 infidels failed to make any impact whatsoever.

Infidels were equally quick to take to facebook and call each other ‘cunts’ for not making the effort to go and join the 20 die hard bigotts.

Not only do these events show the fascists up massively and give the general public an insight into the mentality of these groups, as well as showing these bigots that they don’t have the public support they often claim, (they dont even believe in themselves enough to show up for demoes), it also highlights what has become apparent in recent times as a very definite drop in the far right.

At their peak the EDL claimed they could get thousands to demoes, now they can’t scrape 100, the Infidels now stick to ‘flash demoes’ because they know any town can pull together and outnumber them with a day’s notice, this drop in the far right does not mean that antifascists can become complacent, in fact quite the opposite is true, antifascists need to continue to not only massively outnumber the fascists, but continue in grass roots developing and increasing the numbers we outnumber them by, we need to continue to build not just trade union support, but a solid base of trade unionists who turn up to oppose the fascists regularly, we need to get out and spread awareness about the rise of fascism and make sure it is never alowed to rise to the lengths it has in the recent past.

Fascism has peaked and lulled over the decades, and has always peaked at times of great financial hardship, government cuts and an employment and housing crisis will continue to give them countless opportunities to pin class attacks on false scapegoats, only promoting a class based alternative to traditional politics can people be empowered rather than falling for the far right manipulation.

Also worth noting that today a group calling themsleves ZHC have hacked the EDL website (not including link for reasons of no platform should it become live any time soon but can be easily found). With the rise in technology in modern times it is obvious that many people will use this technology for both fascism and anti-fascism and especially with the failure of recent street activity the fascists seem content to take the ‘battle for the streets’ to cyberspace with sites such as Redwatch and various facebook groups and pages in order to spread their bile, what better example of ‘no platform’ than taking down the official website.


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