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Fascists Humiliated at Anti Irish demo in Liverpool 3rd Nov 2012

With NWI calling a national callout ‘against IRA marches in Liverpool’ (code name for spreading anti-irish racism, especially since february ) various antifascist groups set about organising counter demoes, fash facebook pages and blogs kept pumping out about people coming from far and wide to the demo and keeping meeting places secret.
On the day however only roughly 20 of the fash turned up, this was met by a joint mobilisation of antifascists who outnumbered them 3-1, as the fash settled comfortably into their police protected protest area near the town hall another 20 antifascists turned up and stood amongst the fash, the fash then backed off and stood looking uncomfortable until police moved into to move the antifascists to their proper place,
Unsurprisingly the fash became suddenly more vocal once the police safety was reinforced, but this just further added to their humiliation, one fascist was keen to remind antifascists that ‘the police are on our side not yours’ roughly translated and taking the events into consideration i believe this meant ‘These police wont let you get us’ the police had several attempts at kettling antifascists, which didn’t seem too effective and many managed to break the line.
Far right poster boy and jail bird Liam Pinkham bumped into a group of militant antifascists and recieved a taste of his own medicine, for his first demo since his release from prison this should really make him question his involvement in politics all together.
last night was a really successful night for antifascism in Liverpool, everyone played to their strengths, there was a counter demonstration that massively outnumbered the fascist mobilisation, and sizeable groups were scouting and looking for fash outside of the demo.
The only group which refused to turn up was the Socialist Party in Liverpool, who really need to question their morals, having witnessed them sharing church street with fascists and ignoring the fascists all together to talk about the NHS, how can they refuse to stand with other antifascists AGAINST fascists?


9 responses to “Fascists Humiliated at Anti Irish demo in Liverpool 3rd Nov 2012

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  2. Dan ⋅

    The absence of the Socialist Party had nothing to do with Irish republicans being present, it was purely and simply due to the fact that the party’s “Socialism 2012″ event was being held.

    • and obviously the whole of the SP was at the event, i look forward to reading the official SP statement confirming their support and apologising for missing the event

      • Dan ⋅

        Mate I was there, every member I know from Liverpool was present. If anyone wasn’t, chances are they were at work or otherwise engaged. If you have an issue, contact the Liverpool branch and discuss it with them.

  3. Bert Trout ⋅

    ‘socialism 2012’ must have been an event that has stretched back over the last couple of years! Also, someone attached to the SP forwarded discussion threads (in June) from a SP facebook group specifically refusing to attemd an antifascist march due to the presence of Irish republicans

    • Tony Pancakes ⋅

      Fuck it anyway, I would only have been more pissed off if the SP had gegged in at the last minute having left us to fend for ourselves so many times when we were badly outnumbered.

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